myVegas players speaks out


Hello, I have been playing both online and on the mobile for some time now. Many days it says I have a connection error and then I do not receive my points at all for watching the videos. Today though I have not received my daily spin (which would have happened already). Today is the third time I have had to delete the app completely and reload it because it continually says connection error. Since reloading it, it has not offered me my daily spin even though I connected to my account. My partner plays the same game in the same room and never has a connection error problem. Please help. Thanks, Megan

More more more…

Ok what game are ya playing. My level was 63 and I come back and I’m at level 1. Now the VIP status also was on level 2 and 15 points to get to level 3 and also started me off on level 1. What is the nonsense. I spend really money to keep getting scam here and on the POPs slot too smh. But for today I tried to generate free chips for myvegas and guess what – it worked and I generated 150 000 free coins in the last 72h.

Hi, I’m new to MyVegas free chips. I like the idea of the rewards, but I notice all the hotel accommodation-related rewards must be redeemed before June 30. Our plans are to head to Vegas some time after that. When will you release dates past June 30?

why every time I get the the 2no level and going to the 3rd level it goes back to the 1st when I come back to the App. This is unacceptable how ya keep restarting players VIP Status smh. After I unlock 5 rewards for 30 days from making purchase over Time what’s the most nights offered together at Mirage? Or another property and can I use 4 rewards plus the nights that are comped

I booked the carrot top reward for 2 tickets for June. The agent said I would receive an email with my confirmation number. I did not get an email. I do have the confirmation number and now the reward says redeemed. Will I be getting an email about the tickets?
Also, since I redeemed the award now, can I redeem 3 additional rewards if it is over 30 days?

A few words from Jenifer, Ontario

morning! its me the voice of the people..we appreciate how hard u are working to improve the game … but there are some small changes you can make which can help us out…

  1. make the quests attainable.. u are not hearing us.. especially those of us who do not win major wins on the computers.. but continue to play.. buy chips.. and still run out.. the last quest i made it to the 2nd one but had 5 left .. knowing it would take another 10million or more in spins.. i quit.. i am not the only one..
    I will repeat … I am not the only one.
  2. make the spin wheel larger for those of us over 1000 level.. and get rid of the lower amounts on the wheel.. its ridiculous when you want us to spin 40k and more…
  3. give us larger chip packages for our money.. its easy to go thru 4 million chips . .. for 25.00 us canadians…close to 40.00 $
  4. for those of us over 1000 … give us more than 5000 free chips in our emails.. that is a joke. ha ha.
  5. still no word on the chips for the Canadian players.. we pay more..

thank you for listening… we just want it to be less frustrating.. especially when we are close to a quest piece and it takes us more money / spins to finish it..


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Slotomania is a slot machine game designed and developed by “Playtika”. The game has many editions. The latest updated version of this game arrived at 1st August 2016. The game has a huge fan following. This online slot machine game gives the experience of real “Las Vegas” casino life. So it’s a clear fact that the game is not intended for juniors. The magical and enjoyable gaming experience has surely won many hearts but there is a warning for everyone that –do not get addicted to it. This game is designed for android phones (4.0.3 and up). The game is said to have 14 million casino slots fans! It has more than 140 casino slot themes for its dedicated players. The player gets 10,000 COIN free slots as a welcome bonus. Every 3 hours the player receives free COINS casino bonuses. Not only that there are other lucrative offers too. The player will be given a piggy bank which he can break for additional slot bonuses. Slotomania gives the player multiple offers and chances to win the game. The player can earn Level-Up casino bonuses as well as Lotto and Mega bonuses. Mega Wheel Free Spins can also be earned in this game. Vegas Slot Machine Jackpot is another prize that can be won. The game gives the player options to collect Lotto cards. These cards are used for getting wonderful prizes.


Fun is the core element of the game- all agree to this point. The reviews are quite interesting as some of the players express their joy at playing the game and winning lots of prizes, they even invite others to join the game and have the same experience.

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Cheating in game is when you adapt any unfair   means to win the game, without paying much effort as others. There are several ways to cheat on others. One of such ways is to use cheating tools or codes. Many cheating tools are available on web sites to offer different cheating codes to different games.


Generally the cheating or hack tools are developed for the most famous games, like Clash of Clans or Pokémon Go and many others. These tools help you the most to win the challenges and win the game. For many purpose the tools can be used, such as for gathering limitless gems and jewels, to get super speed, to locate creatures easily or get extra lives. Cheating tools are very much useful in the games. They makes easy to clear up the varying difficult levels with no difficulty.

Why they are creating cheats?

Many websites on internet offer cheating tools against some money, even sometime you will come across a few sites who offer tools for free. Whatever, if you want to download and install the tools be sure that you are doing that from a trusted site. Otherwise, you might suffer virus and many other problems. To keep your device free from any such threat, rely up on only trusted sites.

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